Let’s make an analogy to understand it better …

What is Website as a Service ?

Imagine that you buy a new car. You paid cash up front full amount. It’s not cheap, but the car starts depreciating with every month. Beside this, you’re responsible for maintaining it with oil changes, filters, suspension repair and more. Eventually you need new tires and maybe you even want to customize it or tune up.

The same thing happens when you buy a new website. You pay a lot up front, and once it’s launched you are responsible for managing and maintaining it. And what happens when you want to update it, add a new page, or your website crashes or gets hacked?

Like with cars, most people don’t have the tools or knowledge to properly maintain and customize their website.

This is where Website as a Service (WaaS) can help!

We build websites from 2007

Turnkey Website !

so we know a thing or two

Website Services as New Car Maintenance

A comparison between Website As A Service (WaaS) and a Traditional Build Website.

A website built the “Traditional Way” is the same as a website built “As A Service”. The difference is in how the payments are handled and who manages, maintains and updates the website moving forward.

The Traditional Way (Like a Product)

In a Traditional Web Build you pay for your website up front – typically 50% at the start of the build and 50% at the launch. Once the website is completed, you take responsibility for the maintenance, updates and security. Sort of like purchasing a product.

As A Service

With the Website as a Service Approach you pay a monthly fee that covers design, development, hosting, domain name, maintenance, content updates and security. Everything required to keep your site fresh and up-to-date.

To understand better Websites as a Service is to compare it to the the traditional way. We still build websites the Traditional Way, but we think that the Revolutionary WaaS model is making it easier for companies to build and manage their website for the future.


Traditional Website Build

Website as a Service (WaaS)

Upfront Costs
With Traditional website development you pay 50% of the cost up front and 50% when the website is launched. With WaaS your up-front costs are significantly lower as you pay a low monthly fee.

Large Upfront Payment

Small Monthly Fee

Website Hosting
Website hosting is required to host your site live. We use our premium hosting for the best quality.

You pay for hosting

We pay for hosting

Website Domain Name
Domain name is a your website name and it is an indispensable part of a website.

You pay for Domain Name

We pay for your Domain Name

Website Themes and Plugins
Websites are built using a Premium themes for the look and style, and free and Premium (paid) plugins to add functionality.

You Buy Premium Theme and Plugins

We Pay for Premium Theme and Plugins

Website Maintenance
A website consists of web software, a website theme, and plugins to add functionality. These need to be updated weekly or they pose a security risk

You Handle Maintenance

We Update Weekly

Website Content Updates
Websites should continue to evolve with new content added frequently. This includes new pages, blog posts, content edits and updates, and new functionality.

You Handle Content Updates

We Handle Content Updates
**Based on number of hours you select. 3 hours per month is standard.

Hack Insurance
It’s not uncommon for a website to be hacked. We utilize the latest security techniques to prevent website attacks. But, if your website is ever compromised will will fix and restore your site.

You Pay To Repair If Ever Hacked

We Fix Your Site At No Additional Cost

Website Refresh
Websites have a shelf life. Styles change and technology continues to improve. We recommend you update your website every 2 to 3 years.

Pay Full Price For New Website

We Refresh and Rebuild Your Website At No Additional Cost

Benefits of Websites as a Service

Low Up-Front Cost

With Traditional website development you pay 50% up front and 50% when the website is launched. With WaaS your up-front costs are significantly lower as you pay a low monthly fee.

Always Up-to-Date

With WaaS your website software is updated every month. You also receive a set number of hours available to make content updates, additions and changes to your website.

The Latest Security

Your website is protected against hacks and online attacks by utilizing the latest security techniques. If your website is ever compromised will will fix your site at no additional cost.

Always In-Style

Website design standards change over time. With WaaS your website always looks great, is mobile responsive and adapts to new technology. Plus you get a free website refresh every 30 months.

Every Website Includes

Domain Name

Domain Name is included if Domain price is less than 50 Euro/year


Hosting package is specified in the plan and can be modified if needed

Logo Design

Logo design is included in the plan

Premium plugins

We will buy for you premium plugins if it is necessary

Premium Themes

We will buy for you premium themes if it is necessary

Website Maintenance

Maintenance will include patching, updates and your additional special requirements


Website will be ready for indexing on any kind of search engines

Business E-Mails

You will have personalized business mails with a lot of features and spam free

E-mail Marketing tools

A mass mail tool will be included in your website to manage your users and send them your news regularly

Regular Backup

Regular backup will be done for your safety.

Latest secure patches

Every code should be up to date, otherwise a website is exposed to be hacked

Restricted access option

If you need to restrict some content only for registered users or for restricted IP’s, we can provide it

Content Updates

We will update your website content regularly based on our contract

Custom Design

Website will be designed strictly for your requirements and oriented for your success

Mobile responsive

All websites will be full responsive. This mean that it will adapt on every devices to look great

Refresh every 15 months

Like a car, from time to time you would like to change it because there are already new models much beautiful. We will do it for free.


WaaS Portfolio

55 €/month
or 550 €/year (save 2 months)
  • 10 GB SSD shared hosting
  • Shared hosting IP
  • SSL Certificate included
  • * Domain name included
  • Personalized Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Security Updates included
  • 2 FA included
  • User friendly CMS
  • Multi languages option
  • 24/7 Support
  • Website Maintenance
  • SEO ready
  • Unlimited Business Emails
  • Email Marketing module included
  • Website refresh every 15 months

WaaS Android & iOS APP

150 €/month
or 1500 €/month (save 2 months)
  • Design APP
  • Develop APP
  • APP integration with website (if needed)
  • Upload to marketplaces
  • Monitoring
  • Push notifications – from 75000/month
  • **  from 50000 APP downloads

* Domain name price should be less than 50 Euro/year, otherwise a price recalculation will be applied

** Additional Downloads are charged either on the basis of number of Installs or on the number of registered users whichever is more

*** The prices here are with Irish VAT 23% included! To know your real price, please place an order.


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We are working hard to make things better. Tell Us how we do it 🙂

Question & Answers


What if I have already a Domain Name and/or Logo ?

The price will be discounted accordingly

What additional payment I have ?
What if disk space or any other resources are not enough for me ?
I need to be independent and I need my resources to be isolated
What will happen after the end of the contract ?
I want to keep my website after the end of contract



All MARKSYSTEM prices are published on www.marksystem.ie
All prices are in Euro unless specified otherwise and are with VAT included.
Payment can be done by PayPal, Credit/Debit card or Bank Transfer.


MARKSYSTEM offers a 30 day money back guarantee for WaaS packages (This does not include domain name registration).
We will not offer a refund in full or part if the Applicant cancels any service within the contract period, unless the cancellation is within the first 30 days of initially ordering the WaaS service, in which case the 30 day money back guarantee will apply.
The contract is for 1 years minimum and will be auto renewed unless will be canceled on the last month of the contract.
Company MARKSYSTEM may amend pricing from time to time without notice.

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