How much disk space and what Hosting plan do I need for my website?

My advice, especially if you are at the beginning of business or you want to launch an internet portfolio from your passion, more than enough is Silver plan.

Let’s do a little math:
One website, in medium has 100 MB .
Let’s say you will have an email, that will be busy enough and you will send and receive around 50 emails per day. One email without attachment has in medium 30 KB disk space. For 50 emails you will use 1.5 MB per day. For one year (365 days) you will use 547.5 MB.
So, during one year, you will use 547.5 MB email + 100 MB website = 647.5 MB in total disk space.
As we can see, 1 GB is more than enough.
It absolutely no reason to pay more for what you will not use!
Also, you will always can switch to another plan without downtime or extra charge for plan switching.

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